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The ARM Mali is a graphical processing unit (GPU) made available as an intellectual property core by ARM Ltd. for use in ARM SoCs. The ARM Mali only provides 3D hardware acceleration, IP cores such as the G2D are responsible 2D hardware acceleration instead. At the moment the ARM Mali is present in almost all Samsung Exynos SoCs. The two notable exceptions are the Samsung Exynos 3110, which contains an IT PowerVR SGX 540, and the Samsung Exynos 5410, which contains an IT PowerVR SGX 544.

The ARM Mali can be subdivided into two categories:

  • ARM Mali 400 used in the Samsung Exynos 3 and 4.
  • ARM Mali T-series used in the Samsung Exynos 5, and possibly the upcoming Samsung Exynos 7.

At the moment, free and open-source drivers are being developed for both. The driver project for the prior is known as lima, and the one for the latter is known as tamil.