Arndale Octa Board

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Arndale Octa Board
SoC Samsung Exynos 5420
Power Samsung S2MPS11 Power Management IC

Mainline kernel

  • USB (including network) will be working in 3.17.

Preparing an SD card image

Download proprietary blobs from the InSignal forum (registration required; e.g.,

See U-Boot sd_fuse/smdk5420/ for their sector offsets and sample commands.

# dd oflag=dsync if=vendor/insignal/arndale_octa/exynos5420/arndale_octa.bl1.bin of=/dev/sdX seek=1
# dd oflag=dsync if=vendor/insignal/arndale_octa/exynos5420/arndale_octa.bl2.bin of=/dev/sdX seek=31
# dd oflag=dsync if=vendor/insignal/arndale_octa/exynos5420/arndale_octa.tzsw.bin of=/dev/sdX seek=719

The Wiki partition map has a typo, marking the start of the first partition as 0x1000000 instead of 0x10000000. However, if you intend to place the kernel into a filesystem, that number works nicely, i.e. sector 32768 for an ext3 /boot partition.