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Mali is the GPU chipset found on a number of the Exynos based boards. Currently Mali T604 and 628MP6 are the two variants in common use. The T604 can be found on the Arndale and Chromebook. The ARM Exynos based Chromebook 2 and Arndale Octa boards both have the 628MP6.

The Mali drivers are in two parts. The first is the linux kernel source code that is built as a module. The second part is as a binary blob which exists as a user space library that provides accelerated X11, OpenGL ES and OpenCL support.

Mali Drivers


The binary Mali user space driver is available on Mali developer.

The open source kernel space driver can be downloaded directly from Mali developer.

Make sure you match the kernel driver version and the binary blob versions.

Linaro LSK

The Linaro LSK (Linaro Stable Kernel) has support for the arndale board and the repo includes the Mali Kernel driver so you do not need to download the kernel driver.

git clone
git checkout -b lsk-14.01_hdmi_mali.r3p0_arndale origin/lsk-14.01_hdmi_mali.r3p0_arndale

kernel config options

The follow kernel config options must be set:

CONFIG_DMA_SHARED_BUFFER_USES_KDS= // remove this option to avoid crashing when using KDS.