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Page Improvements

Required Updates:

Suggested Updates (Scope):

  1. Uboot setup types and descriptions (SPI flashing?, chained U-Boot)

The problem with chained U-boot is that this is an alternative way of booting the Chromebooks that will not be supported in the future. At least not by Google and/or the Chromium project. How Linux should be booted is by writing a signed image of it to the kernel partition, which is the only method that will work for the Acer Chromebook CB13, for instance, and possibly for any of the Chromebooks in the foreseeable future. However, this doesn't mean that it shouldn't be documented, but that it, instead, should not be regarded as the conventional way of booting Linux on a Chromebook. For the mainline kernel, there may be some issues regarding the conventional way, as these older Chromebooks still use u-boot rather than Coreboot. As a result, they may not properly support the ARM errata, in which case using another u-boot binary is a must. --Swabbles (talk) 01:44, 26 February 2015 (UTC)

  1. See also: the list of tasks.

Page Suggestions (Structure):

  1. Developer Functionality:- Links/Tutorials/Reference sources/Milestones (What's outstanding)/Who's working on on what? Provide instructions/guidelines for new developers interested in contributing to the project.
  2. User Functionality:- Provide install/Setup instructions (with explanations). Rather that having people asking the same question over and over again in the IRC channel, have the instructions set out here.

Installation instructions are already available for all the Chromebooks, including this one. What may be missing at this point are guides to set up some parts in userland, and a well-documented installation of the mainline kernel. --Swabbles (talk) 01:46, 26 February 2015 (UTC)